Double Helix Summaries

Topics: Mother, Father, Für Elise Pages: 5 (2224 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Double Helix by Nancy Werlin

Chapter Summaries:
1) Eli Samuels is anxious to meet Dr. Wyatt and he paces in the waiting area. He dates a girl known as Viv. Dr. Wyatt finally appears and beckons him to follow.

2) Dr. Wyatt’s office appeared to be like a large closet. Eli is six foot seven and Dr. Wyatt says that he will stop growing at six foot eleven. Eli is the Salutatorian at his school because he let Viv have Valedictorian. Dr. Wyatt knew Eli’s mother. Eli is offered to work at Wyatt Transgenics for a year. He shakes Dr. Wyatt’s hand to accept this offer. 3) Viv and Eli met each other in the boys’ room in the fifth grade. Both were trying to stop Asa Barnes from being beaten up. They both had their own plans, but changed it at the last moment. Eli tries to sign up for the company’s health plan. 4) Eli and his father do not appear to have a good and happy relationship. The father dislikes Dr. Wyatt for unknown reasons. Eli found a letter stating that his father did not have the Huntington’s disease. Eli wants to help with the bills. Eli is going to tell Viv about his new job. 5) Viv and Eli are sleeping together, but Eli wakes her up. Viv has never really talked about her father and Eli has told nothing to Viv about his parents. Eli tells Viv that there are complications, but convinces her to hold off on the curiosity. 6) Eli is preparing to go to his rehearsal graduation. He is reminded that his dad used to actually be the radical student type. Both Dr. Wyatt and Eli’s father appeared at the graduation. The father left the graduation early because of Dr. Wyatt. 7) The graduates’ caps are flung into the air. Mrs. Fadiman embraced Eli and Viv and told them that they were fantastic. Viv covers for Eli for the fact that Eli’s parents are not there. Dr. Wyatt comes by and congratulates them both and offers dinner. 8) Eli is taken to a small French bistro north of Harvard Square called Chez Henri for dinner. Eli continued to wonder why Dr. Wyatt had taken such an interest in him. Dr. Wyatt orders wine for them to drink even though Eli is underage. Dr. Wyatt and Eli delve in to topics of free will and souls. Dr. Wyatt ends with telling Eli that he wants to stop sufferi 9) Eli returns to his home at 9:30 PM. He tries to get his father’s attention by slamming the refrigerator door. His dad leaves a note asking Eli to quit his job, but the note did not explain what happened. He will not tell why, but he pleads Eli to quit the job. Eli will only quit the job if his dad tells him why he hates Dr. Wyatt so much, but his father does not and Eli starts work Monday. 10) He learns that he will be working with animals producing particular milk proteins. It all dealt with transgenics. Larry gives Eli a tour of his new work area. Larry uses fictional character: Swamp Thing to explain the ideas behind transgenics. He meets Mary Alice and she takes him to visit the rabbits. 11) Eli would come to work and wait for someone to unlock it. The very next morning, he received his very own access card key. He fed all of the rabbits, which had the same names minus the numerical digits. Eli grows impatient and wants Dr. Wyatt to talk to him. Saturday he visited his mother in the nursing home, who apparently has Huntington’s disease. There was a chance that Eli could contract the disease. 12) After the nursing home, Eli does his usual 3 mile run instead of taking the bus. He sees guys in their twenties playing basketball and he decides to join in. They kept asking what position he had and what college did he play for. Eli gave up team sports when he was young. Eli flashes back on him and his dad argued on whether or not Eli had HD. Eli continues his running and abruptly sits on bench in Central Square. He calls Dr. Wyatt who invites him over for dinner because has someone he would like Eli to meet, but Eli had dinner reservations with his girlfriend so he went there now. 13) Dr. Wyatt’s house was a large, meticulously restored...
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