Dose the Advertising Help or Harm Us?

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Dose the advertising help or harm us?

The boiled chicken sour soup is a very popular for food which is also simple food in Cambodia. It is also traditional Khmer food, but the way to cook it is not difficult. If you want to cook it well, just follow these below section.

First, what you should have for cooking this food are killed chicken, lemon, and some other simple ingredients that you can find it by easy. When you have everything, you can start now. Boil the water until the temperature is 100 Fahrenheit Celsius. After you get boiled water, put the whole chicken in the pot with some with some rice and salt. Boil it again till chicken meat is well cooked. Moreover, spend twenty five minutes or more than that to make the touch meat become easy to eat. It will be the most delicious if you cook it for long time.

Second reason is after the chicken is well cooked, take it out the pot off then cut it in many small parts because you can get taste from the meat. After that, put it into the pot again to boil it again, and turn the light up. Add many other ingredients can mushrooms. It’s up to you. For example, soup powder, chili, Gee, salt etc. Everything is already done, so you can get it.

Finally, the boiled chicken sour soup is successful to cook. Now you can take it to the bowl, and add anything if you wish. It is the best thing if you eat boiled chicken sour soup with your family or friends with happy and smile.
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