Dorothy Hill

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A Quick Summary

Dorothy Hill was a Professor of Geology at the University of Queensland; she was a strong supporter of British scientific research and scientists and worked well with them. She is the only ever female President of the Australian Academy to this day. She also happened to be the first woman to graduate with a gold medal from her university, first woman to be admitted as a Doctor of Science at the University of Queensland, first woman professor at an Australian university and the first woman elected as a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science. She tried hard to make sure that girls pushed as far forwards into their school life as possible.

Her life wasn’t just work and no play, while still an undergraduate she was interested in sports, especially hurdling and hockey. She won a Blue for hockey. In England she learned to fly, and won a pilot’s license. As a Professor she maintained her interest in student sports, and supported the student teams.

The Life of Dorothy Hill

Dorothy Hill was born on the 10th of September 1907 in Taringa, Brisbane. ; She started primary school at the Coorparoo public School.

In year 7 she moved onto Brisbane Girls’ Grammar School her subjects included mathematics, chemistry and biology.

At university she played hockey with such skill that she became a member of the Queensland University Hockey Team she soon became a Blue in Hockey, and was chosen for the Queensland Women’s Hockey Team.

She then went on to become a Professor of Geology at the University of Queensland and won many awards
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