Dorothy Day in Entertaining Angels

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  • Published: February 1, 2008
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I have learned a lot about Dorothy Day, from the movie Entertaining Angels and from various biographies. After going through all of that research I have concluded that she was a great person who did many great things. Dorothy Day lived a very fulfilling life in which she found what a lot of people do not ever get the chance to find, and that is her true calling. Although, her calling meant living a life of constant sacrifice and commitment, Dorothy was more than up for the job. Her calling was not limited to one cause, quite the contrary, during her life she fought for a large variety of causes. Many of these causes caused her to end up spending time in jail, but throughout all of her endeavors she remained strong and dedicated so the time in jail did not intimidate her. I was amazed after watching the movie because it seemed that she went completely from one end to the other due to her conversion process.

However, after reading the biography it seems to me that she had been trying to find the right religion for her throughout her whole life and she finally found it in Catholicism.

I think in certain aspects she went too far, and that she also disregarded the feelings of certain people. I do not; of course, mean by this that I think what she did was wrong; there are just certain actions by Dorothy that sort of shocked me.

One of these times that shocked me was when without permission from her brother or his wife she started to invite homeless over. I think what she started was great, but the thought of somebody coming into my home and without asking turning it into a soup kitchen is not good. This brings me into the time when she takes more money without asking for the newspaper and she responds then we are fools. She says this because she believes that if they do not come up with the money, then the entire time they have been wrong in believing that what they have been doing is the right thing to do. This shows that she believes so much that she is...
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