Dormitory vs Apartment

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  • Published : March 5, 2009
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When we are going to university or planning to live in the other city, we might face a confession of what place suitable for us to live there. There are many options we can choose to live such as in dormitory, apartment, live with the relative, etc. But mostly, people prefer to choose either living in dormitory or apartment. Why people prefer to choose dormitory or why they prefer to choose apartment? To find the right choice, firstly, we should find the differences between dormitory and apartment. So, we will talk further about the differences between dormitory and apartment, especially in these factors: independence. privacy and regulation .

When we are living alone in apartment, we have to wash, cook, shop, and tidy up rooms by ourselves. We don’t have a maid or anyone that can help us there, we have to do everything alone and it could train us to be more independent. However, living in dormitory also makes us more independent because we live far from our parents and everything should do by ourselves also but in dormitory, there are staffs that still control and prepare the food for us.

The other factor is privacy. In apartment we can get more privacy, especially if we live alone there, because we can do whatever we want without anyone else in our apartment, we don’t have to care about others because no one will complain or bother us. On the other hand, in the dormitory, the privacy we get is less than apartment because we share room with other people, so if we want to do something we have to think about our roommates too, that’s why we can’t do whatever we want there.

The regulations in apartment and in dormitory are also different. In the apartment, there are only few regulations because if we are already in our room, the one who makes regulations is ourselves. The examples of the regulations in the apartment are we can’t have pet there and we have to respect our neighbors in that apartment too. It’s different if we live in dormitory, because there...
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