Dorm Room Description

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My Dorm Room

College is a life changing event for all students who desire to fulfill their dreams. College is a place of learning and of discovery. Learning does not occur only in the four walls of the classroom or the library, nor it is solely the responsibility of the professor, and it is more than reading hundreds of pages of text books and completing requirements. College is also the place where each student learns how to live independently for the first time, how to manage their time and schedules, meet lifelong friends, experience passionate love and bear their souls to a special person, and, most of all, it is where students discover who they are, what they are capable of and what they want to do with the rest of their lives. In this very intense, fast-paced academic life, each student struggles and becomes more mature after living in a college dorm. Dorm life for a college student is a necessary part, and without it they won’t be fully prepared to take on the challenges of adult life. My dorm room is the place that I call home while I am at Newberry College. It is a nice place to live and I feel very comfortable there.

As you walk into the main entrance of Brokaw Hall, you make a right turn then a left one and proceed to room 114. Brokaw is an all freshman dorm. My room is large. I did not bring anything from home; I decided to buy everything that I need once I got here, since I am an international student. I have adapted well to my dorm room and I like living there.

On my door a red plate is mounted with the number 114 typed in the middle, near the top. The door is heavy and is made of sturdy wood. At waist level on the left of the door is a metal panel, which supports a large metal doorknob. Once you open my door, you see the interior of my room. To your right sits my bed, which has a red comforter on it. On the wall, by my bed is a flag of my country, Morocco, that I hung up. I brought my country’s flag to remember my homeland, family, and...
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