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Doritos Commercial

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  • November 2012
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Justin Greene
English 101
Essay 2
WOMAN and Doritos...?
One of my favorite advertisements has got to be the new 2012 Doritos Superbowl Commercial. The director opens up the commercial on a beautiful fall day. In the background there is an amazing view of a row of color-changed trees. This tells us it’s in the fall. In the background is also pictured a nice, serene depiction of what looks like an average city with a lot of tall buildings. Then A a teenage boy is then seen hiking a ball to himself and going back to throw a pass, like a quarterback. He yells to his friend “go long!” After he throws the ball the screen then panes to another teenage boy who seems not too attentive to the ball being thrown right at him. The boy is just standing there, transfixed, and lets the ball hit him on the head. I think we can all guess why... Of course he is staring at a woman walking up a pathway to where the boys are playing. As he is still standing there he stays transfixed on the woman and yells “woooaahhhh, double d’s!” No, he is not talking about her breasts. The camera then pans to a shot of the woman walking up the path. She has got the whole cute smile on her face and then does the “all-American” perky lips trick. She is also walking with a sway to her step. Then the camera pans again to a group of three guys who are looking quite turned on (one being a guy from earlier.) Then the guy in the brown shirt says, with much emphasis, “awwww, they look so good, I just wanna bite em!” Then the camera switches back to the girl and she is still walking in her swaying motion. Then it goes back to a group of 5 guys and the one in the back says again with even more emphasis, “awwwww, I wanna have em!” We finally have our last switch to the girl and she has in her hands; yes, a bag of Doritos. Who would have known. All of a sudden one guy immediately turns his head and looks to his left and starts screaming “triple d’s! All of the guys look to the left and so does the...

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