Topics: Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Dream Pages: 3 (995 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Sigmund Freud’s, Dora
The case analysis written by Sigmund Freud, his patient; Dora, goes through different levels of mental sickness. Throughout the case study Dora reveals her issues that lie within her family. Through the case study, Sigmund Freud who is chosen to diagnose Dora’s symptoms reveals his own hypothesis. Within the narrative Dora’s dream, exemplifies causation and motif in order to shed light on the way Dora views herself within her family. Symbolism and dream analysis portrays the various ways the emotions are impacting Dora and her family. Within the case study, the relationship between Dora and her mother is evident within her dream; “I don’t know. I don’t in the least know how Mother comes into the dream; she was not with us at L--- at the time.” (Freud, 61). The causation that her mother was not physically there with the family had an effect on Dora so that the one of the main people within her dream was her mother. The relationship between Dora and her mother is one that is very distant; ““I used to be very fond of jewelry too, once; but I have not worn any since my illness” (Freud, 61). The distance between Dora and her mother is evident with the interests that they have. Dora clearly distinguishes herself from her mother; she puts herself at a faraway distance. The motif of the Jewelry case is also used to describe Dora’s feelings towards each individual within her life; “What is this about the jewel-case that your mother wanted to save” (Freud, 61). Dora’s mother is explained here as a protective woman, who is opposite of Dora, as she claims to say that she is no longer fond of jewelry. In essence the jewelry equals Dora’s character. Therefore the motif and causation of Dora’s dream sheds light on the different characters and relationships between Dora and her mother.

The motif of the jewelry box within Dora’s dream explains the relationship between herself and her father. Within the dream Dora blames her father for not protecting...
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