Doomsday Speech

Topics: Earth, Milky Way, Prediction Pages: 3 (792 words) Published: January 20, 2013

Military virologist Robert Neville id the last health human in New York City, a genetically-engineered variant of the measles virus that is meant as a cure for cancer had mutated in a lethal strain, it spread throughout the world killing 90% of humanity. The survivors became predatory beings refereed to as the "dark seekers" and killed those immune to the virus. Ever heard or seen that from somewhere? The movie I AM LEGENED is one of the thousand of movies linked to the conspiracy of doomsday.

Ever thought the world would ever come to an end? Today...? Tomorrow...? Maybe in 2 minutes...? Are you anxious that we may be at the eve of the end of the world as we may know it? Do you believe doomsday is a hoax, created to exploit the gullible masses, or do you truly believe we are on the brink of the exterminations of the human race and the end of the world? It is the purpose of this paper to attempt to prove that doomsday is a myth that has created a fascination with destruction of the world that is being promoted by scamming artist after money and fame. People love to make things up, to sound important and to feel in control which is why 2012 is the year on everybody's lips.

There have been many variations of what will happen when the world does end. The sun will dry out, magnetic poles will shift, planet X will nock earth of it axis, planetary collision, and apparently black holes will appear. It is said this will all happen on December 21st, 2012 at 11:11 am universal time. Despite the fact that all theses predications will lead to the end of the world, i do not agree and therefore the public have been sucked into this lie.

NASA states that there have been many doomsday predictions that NEVER happened. There are actually 242 dates up to now. Some of those dates were many days in 1843 and 1844, March 10th 1382, June 6th 2008, also every year on January 1st but look, were still here.

Will the world end just like the...
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