Donut History

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Doughnut or more popularly known as donut is not a pervasive culinary culture here in Malaysia, although thousands of donuts at roadside stalls and the school canteens have been selling this as long as we can remember. Then came the Dunkin' Donuts (from United States) who revolutionized the way we look at donuts, and earlier 2007 which is May 2nd, Big Apple (from Malaysia) , opened their first outlet at The Curve, Damansara.

Later on, J.CO Donuts & Coffee has decided to break into the Malaysian donuts market on September 2007. It was opened at Pavillion, the latest of prestigious shopping mall in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. Since then, thousands and thousands of Malaysian have made their way there and queue up to get a fix of their donuts. Even artists made their queued when J.CO Donuts & Coffee first opened.

It is also their first ever outlet outside of country. Most people thought that this firm comes from the western like Dunkin' Donuts. J.CO Donuts & Coffee owned and managed by Johnny Andrean Group. Johnny Andrean, a stylist and owner of a Bread talk shops network in Indonesia. J.CO Donuts & Coffee inspired from the donuts in the United States. Johnny Andrean was initially eager to buy U.S. donut franchise, but found some weaknesses of the product, namely the basic materials and production processes are less in quality control, so he thought better of it and decided to develop his own donut franchise without getting the U.S.

He chose to make a donut shape and perfect taste, with a special focus on the quality of materials and production processes. When he returned to Indonesia, he later developed a donut shop with the concept, shape and taste similar to a donut shop in the United States. Johnny saw so far no donut shops in Indonesia have an open kitchen concept, so he started in J.CO. So, besides having a different flavor, store concept was also created as an open kitchen so customers can see the many attractions making donuts, directly from mixing the ingredients until it is ready to sell donuts.

Their donuts were made by machines, be it during the mixing up of ingredients, cooking and topping up the donuts. The only human force involved was only during the shaping of the donuts. That is also with the help of the shapers that is used.

All the machines used where fully imported from US. The same with the basic ingredients, more than 50% of it was imported from overseas. Like the chocolate, they were imported from Belgium and milk from New Zealand. Also, for the drinks, their ingredients were mostly imported too. The coffee bean some were imported from Italy and Costa Rica. With these, J.CO is positioned to be the premium quality products in Indonesia’s donuts market.

The beauty and softness is reflected from the taste and shapes of the donuts. While eternity can be seen from the consumer’s loyalty that willing to stand the long queue at the shops just to get their favorite J.CO donuts. It took Johnny three years before launching J.CO Donuts & Coffee in the Indonesian market on the 26th of June 2005. These three years were used to prepare the standard and operating procedure, choosing the basic ingredients, fixing the product’s quality and production process and the business operation.

Within five years of operation, J.CO has succeeded to open more than 80 outlets throughout Asia with expansion in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. The latest three outlets were opened in Tampiness - Singapore, and St.Moritz Jakarta - Indonesia.

The firm was criticized for imitating the style Krispy Kreme, U.S. seller donuts. However, Southeast Asia, ahead of Krispy Kreme, J. CO and other competitors in terms of daily visitors, awards and sales. J. CO donuts Asia has spurred the industry, by opening branches in rural Indonesia, namely in Malaysia and Singapore, and plans to penetrate other markets such Shanghai in end 2010 and Philippines in mid 2011.


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