Dont Stand Between Your Ground Laws

Topics: Gun Control, Firearm, Plato Pages: 2 (416 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Jordan Vandermeer
Mrs. Finkbeiner
Composition through World literature

In today’s world there are many disputes about the old and some new changes to the “Stand Your Ground” laws. Some believe that these laws are crazy and that a society like ours should not need them and that if you shot someone outside your home that it is a crime and need to be sentenced to prison some other form of punishment. And then there are those who believe that the changes have brought a better more positive side to the community and that the laws should be engorged.

One thing people who discourage these laws say is that the laws give more leeway to the people on the streets to carry gun and to use those guns in any problem they have. When a person carries around a gun it makes them feel safer and like they are less likely to get hurt. Form the “Stand Your Ground Law” video the firearms expect said he believes that the reason that most of the things happen is because most people when there out walking home or to their car from a bar or late night event are scared that the might get shot, raped, or even jumped. But having a gun on you makes you feel safer and the attacker that is watching for a person who looks weak and that they can easily take advantage of will look right over you.

Another reason why people say that the “Stand Your Ground” laws are negative is that people use them even for the littlest things and ever little thing that the might get forced or surprised with. Even though this has proven to be a problem that’s why our court system is there to reason that even if people claim it was self defense that they can take the situation and decide whether or not it is a actual reason for the persons course of action or whether the person should have done something else to get away form the attacker. You see this in the case of Martin vs. Zimmerman where Gorge Zimmerman claims that Trayvon Martin shoved him down and that he was pinned to the ground as Taryvon...
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