Dont Get Me Started

Topics: 2007 singles Pages: 2 (822 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Sheep. Don’t you hate them? Because I do. Before you ask me why I hate them, no I’m not talking about the woolly barrr barrr ones, I’m on about the people who follow the crowds and trends like a sheep. They have no personality, no nothing. Nothing going for them. They follow these trends as if there lost puppy trying to find their mummy. It’s not the fact that they follow these trends. Everyone including you and me have followed trends that when we look back in pictures and photo and albums we are there with this shocked face on think “what the hell am I doing or what the hell am I wearing?!” It’s the fact that some people don’t have their own personality and they stick out of their friendship groups. They try to be “cool” and “hip” but quite frankly they look like a moron don’t you take a look at you self and think what??!!.

Why would you do it. Seriously? That is the thousand pound question I want to know, and I’m just as clueless as you properly are. We can only guess as to why they do it. My guess is that they do it to look “cool” or to make people thing they are bad-mans or top dog if that’s what you say back in the day. That is the most logical explanation I could think of. A perfect example of this is smokers. One person in a crowd does it, and then they all do it. Don’t believe me, find out for yourself then you will? I bet if you find one person in a crowd that smokes, I guarantee you 100% that within a week or two the crowd will look like a steam engine al be copying each other.  Another reason maybe, is that some people just don’t fit in, because they aren’t the loudest, they might be a little weird or are not the best looking and just want to be noticed, people influence them into turning them into something they’re not just to get a reputation for example some of the popular kids in school, everyone wants to be like them very typical am I not right?. People like you and I try to save them, but before we know it they are in the crowd and lost in...
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