Dont Get Me Started

Topics: Tobacco smoking, Cigarette, Tobacco Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: October 15, 2012
Don’t get me started on smoking….
Smoking, don’t you just hate it! Don't get me started on smokers! What is the point in spending hundreds or possibly thousands of pounds a year on a box of useless cigarettes? You might as well throw all the money you own down the drain! Or a more reasonable idea would be to save the money and buy something more useful and maybe go abroad!. You'll always seem to find that one selfish person who contently throws their money toward tobacco or cigarettes and couldn't care less about their own children. Not only does it give children a negative influence, but it also puts them at the risk of health problems like cancer, which will most likely kill your child. Every year millions of pounds are wasted on cigarettes when there are children starving around the world! Some children can’t even afford to survive yet people are selfish enough to feed their disgusting habit than save a child’s life. Smoking cigarettes can affect the appearance of you and your home; people will instantly be able to tell if you smoke when they enter your home, not only by the smell but by the appearance of your home. Smoking causes your teeth to become discoloured, and your teeth can deteriorate. Smoking cigarettes will also cause you to have bad breath, which can turn into a more serious problem and who wants to be stinking of cigarettes – I defiantly wouldn’t want to. The smoke coming off of the cigarette itself can cause your fingernails to turn yellowish in colour, which it disgusting not to mention that it makes your hands look filthy. Smoking will also cause you to have red eyes because of irritation the smoke is causing them. A smokers' house can be affected as well. For instance, the smoke put off from a cigarette will cause white walls in a house to turn to a pale yellow, it can cause furniture to fade, and it will stain wallpaper with a dull yellow colour. Mini-blinds and drapes can also be discoloured by smoke too. Ashtrays are common in homes of...
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