Dont Get Me Started...

Topics: Public transport, Bus stop, Train station Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: October 4, 2012
Don’t get me started on...

PUBLIC TRANSPORT! Don’t you just think people absolutely love them? Just don’t get me started on buses, taxies, trains and planes. I totally understand that public transport is for us and to meet are individual needs and to make are life’s easier but sometimes public transport is not the best source to travel, trust me on this one!

London, Birmingham, Manchester all has public transport and they are all horrendous. Don’t get me started on, if they are road works going on, strikes, and trains getting cancelled .The things which annoy me about public transport are, let’s take buses for example: Buses they are awful! On one December morning as you stand in the freezing cold as it rains and drip drop drip as the rain falls on you, your nose red as a tomato and your finger tips frozen as ice waiting for a bus, do you agree with me or not? As you just wait for the big bright lights to shine fiercely and to glow in the distance as you wait patiently. Trains are better but they still have negatives just like buses, with trains you just can’t even be a minute late because the train is just not going to wait, as you are running 100 miles per hour just like an athlete Usain Bolt as he runs like a cheetah and sprints cross the track.

Get ready for the roller coaster ride of your life time... Meanwhile as we stand there and wait for a bus and getting late for school, college, university and work as you look at are watches the bus it coming at 8:30 am, as we look are watches after 10 minutes its 8:40 am, there is no bus in site, as you look at the bus timetable for two minutes to and look around the bus has come and its driving away, As you run behind the bus to catch it, You jump in to it and fall right in someone’s lap, Awchh!

OH MY GOD! After falling over right in someone lap and finally finding a seat, then you have to face the grumpy general public of the UK you just have sit next to someone which you don’t want to, they look...
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