Dont Do Drugs

Topics: Drug addiction, Heroin, Addiction Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Hi I'm Alma and this my opinion on why you shouldn't use drugs. I believe that drugs ruin your body, mind , and life. Drugs affect your body in many different ways such as brain damage , heart problems, kidney failure, liver problems and the list goes on and on.

First of all Drugs are against the law and until the law is changed, anything to do with growing, transporting and selling of drugs is illegal. So unless you want to spend some time behind bars i suggest you think twice before trying any drug.

The most common drug that is used is marijuana. A lot of people say its not bad and that it helps with pain blah blah blah but when really marijuana can be the cause for people to go to stronger more addictive drugs such as heroine, cocaine, and crystal meth. These drugs are known for basically taking over peoples lives. All it takes is to try it once and then bam your hooked on it. They'll do anything just to get that high feeling they first got. Which means they have to use more and more of the drug each time just to get that high feeling once again. Drug addicts often think and act differently when using drugs. They will often steal from their family, and there's more of a chance that they'll abuse them physically and mentally.

The hardest thing for drug users is trying to quit. People get withdrawals where they can become depressed , have anxiety, become restless and many other hard side affects to deal with. So why go through all that struggle when you can simply just say no?

Another reason to stay away from drugs is because they can hold you back from getting your dream job or even a job period and from being able to be around family and friends. Many drug users tend to lose all their friends and family because they either don't trust them, they're a bad influence or they're violent. I for one wouldn't risk loosing my family or friends because of drugs its just not worth it and why worry about if their going to make you take a drug test to get that...
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