Donovan Tisi

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  • Published : February 14, 2013
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onR. v. Tisi
Accused: Donovan Tisi
Direct Examination

Your Honor, I'd like to call Donavan Tisi to the stand.

1. Please state your name, address, and occupation to the court. * My name is Donovan Tisi and I’m a grade 10 student working at a cellphone store at the mall.

2. Under whose care are you currently in?
* My father. We live together in an apartment building.

3. What were you doing on December 5th 2011?
* I went to a convenience store and the local rec centre with my friend Dwayne.

4. How is your relationship with Dwayne Dirks?
* Dwayne is a good friend of mine. He’s about 2 years older than me.

5. What kind of person is Dwayne?
* He’s a good person but he’s been in trouble before. He brags to me about the stuff that he has stolen. He suggested that I steal the basketball shoes I wanted from the store at the mall but I told him that I didn’t want to jeopardize my job at the mall.

6. What kind of relationship do you have with your father? * We have a good relationship but we argue all the time. On December 5th we both got into an argument before I left to the rec centre because he wouldn’t give me money to buy the new basketball shoes I wanted. He told me I had to save up my money from my part time job to buy it.

7. What did you do after your argument with your father?
* Dwayne was over at my house during the argument so I just left with him at 5pm. We were going to go to the rec centre.

8. What time did you get to the rec centre?
* At around 5:40pm.

9. What did you do from the time you left your house till you got to the rec centre? * I went to the convenience store to buy cigarettes.

10. What time did you get to the convenience store?
* 5:28ish

11. How far is the convenience store from your house?
* Approximately 25 min walk

12. What happened at the convenience store?
* Dwayne and I...
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