Donnie Darco Analysis

Topics: English-language films, Donnie Darko, Time Pages: 1 (308 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Bradley Ramon

In the film, Donnie Darko, the theory and application of time travel is demonstrated for public viewers. In the film main character, Donnie Darko, is portrayed as a troubled teenager who has no real social connections to other people. During the movie a parallel universe is created in the original universe, however when the parallel universe is created there is a malfunction and Donnie was chosen to correct the imperfection, and was also granted supernatural powers. Along with the help of these powers he is guided to complete his destiny. These people who are helping him are both dead and alive, for instance, Frank, is dead in the primary universe and becomes a sort of “dead minion” who guides Donnie towards his destiny as well as is able to tell him of forthcoming events to help purify the original universe. Another key component in the minion is Gretchen who is a “living minion”. She is guided to help him to his destiny as well. During this time Donnie has 28 days to repair the damaged dimension allow the dimension to be remade so it may collapse properly without causing damage to the original universe. The main artifact in the movie which came with the creation of the second universe and caused the bug in the coping of the primary universe was eradicated at the end of the movie as the bugged secondary universe was being severely disturbed and collapsing improperly Donnie using his telekinetic powers sent the jet engine along through the portal back to where the second universe began and ending the cycle. Existence of the secondary universe was not completely eradicated, for instance when Frank touches his eye, also when Gretchen subconsciously waves at Donnie’s mom, and when the motivational speaker wakes up crying in disgust with what he is doing to children.
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