Donld Trumph Leadership Style

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  • Published : October 5, 2010
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Styles - what makes Donald Trump successful in almost every business he was in? Was it his given wealth? His bizarre appetite for power and wealth? Was he a born business leader? Or did he just got luck?

Accordingly to academia communities, there are certain common leadership styles among profiled leaders. In this para, we will attempt to match his recorded releases with the common leadership styles.

‘Command’ style is suggested to be his dominant leadership style among the other 6 common styles. Donald Trump’s command leadership style is best illustrated by an academia theory called the ‘French and Raven’s Five Forms of Power’ (Power and influence theories). * Appendix 1. French and Raven’s Five Forms of Power are:

1. Legitimate - This comes from the belief that a person has the right to make demands, and expect compliance and obedience from others. Donald Trump’s career started with the senior appointment in his family business. This gave him to the environment to perform this style of leadership. ‘Trump began his career in his family's real estate business after studying at the Wharton Business School’. * Appendix 2 & 3

2. Reward - This results from one person's ability to compensate another for compliance. This can be shown by his show “Apprentice”. The show is a success, and is based on the premise that sixteen contestants compete for a position in Trump’s organization as his “Apprentice”, for an annual salary of $250,000. Also, a more distinct evident will be a quote from him “I have people who have been in business with me for decades. I reward their loyalty to the organization and to me. I know that they'll always be dedicated to what we're trying to accomplish.” Donald Trump. * Appendix 4

3. Expert – This is based on a person's superior skill and knowledge. Referencing from his book ‘Think big and kick ass’ by Trump and Bill Zanker, quote: “if they wanted to succeed, they should be prepared for 80 hour weeks for a...