Don't Blame Zinczenko

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  • Published: October 24, 2014
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Introduction The Second Vatican Council states their intention of taking divine revelation and putting it into doctrine, so that it can go out to the world and evangelize. The Council states that they are following the path of earlier councils and it uses scripture to help set their point. Chapter I Revelation Itself The Council talks about God and Divine Revelation, how the Lord speaks to His people as common friends and as He is living amongst them. Revelation is fulfilled through Christ. As time has gone on, God has offered Himself in a covenant which man continues to break. God, being merciful, continues to forgive and assists His people throughout the journey ultimately ending with eternal life. He prepared His people for the Christ through the patriarchs and the prophets. The pinnacle of Divine Revelation is Jesus Christ, who is a perfected form of revelation through His manifestation as man, His passion and death, and His resurrection pointing to our eternal life in Heaven. This covenant is indissoluble. Having faith, we offer our entire intellect and will to believe in the truth that God has revealed to us. To obtain this faith, grace and the Holy Spirit working within us are used to bring us to this step of believing. God chose to reveal to us truths that are not understandable by our simple minds. God can be known through human reason alone without err. Chapter II Handing on Divine Revelation God has perpetually preserved His revelations, especially through the commissioning of the Apostles and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. To keep the Gospels alive in the Church there is apostolic succession. The Apostles put an emphasis on the preservation of Tradition, through developments in the Church and the Divine assistance from the Holy Spirit, ultimately to completely fulfill the Church. This tradition helps make the word alive in the Church. Sacred Scripture and Tradition both join paths preserving the word of God and evangelizing to the world....
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