Don Quixote: Motivated Madness

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  • Published : May 10, 2011
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Through Don Quixote, Cervantes tells a story which can be analyzed to determine how humanistic impulses prompt decisions, based on ideal motives. Quixote’s world of fiction, at first glance, is often considered contrary to the ordinary world. There is not much difference between the two; depending on what each specific character wants to accomplish. Some characters find themselves sharing Quixote’s madness. The events that transpire in Don Quixote’s world of illusion stem from actions prompted by his ideal motives. Even though he is considered delusional (which Cervantes constantly reiterates), he frequently takes ordinary occurrences in the world of reality and creates his rendition. While done inadvertently, Quixote manages to enhance his perception of life to escape reality. His fascination with adventure, from tales read in his home study, leads him on a quest of chivalry. Even the characters that play along with Quixote’s fantasies, exhibit the same behaviors. While they oftentimes mock him, they also can be considered mad for their desires to go along with Quixote’s truth. An example of this can be seen early in the first chapter, where he sees an innkeeper and two prostitutes. He has conditioned his mind to enhance what it perceives as boring or lacking grandeur. The innkeeper becomes the keeper of a grand castle, and the prostitutes: princesses of the castle. This seems farfetched to the ‘princesses’ but they do however, agree to play along. What’s happening here is the prostitutes are agreeing to feed and comfort him for their own personal reasons. Their actions are prompted by the convenience of a male finding them more favorable and virtuous than they are accustomed to. The same can be said about the innkeeper; his behavior reflects his obsession for monetary gain. When penny-less Don Quixote asks the innkeeper to knight him, he is quickly instructed to bring money when he returns, as payment. The keeper participates in his fantasy, at the prospect of...
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