Don Quixote de La Mancha

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  • Published : November 30, 2010
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Don Quixote de La Mancha
Author: Miguel de Cervantes

The novel Don Quixote de La Mancha was written by a Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes, it is considered one of the greatest works of fiction. The story of Don Quixote starts off like any other adventure novel with the exception of the protagonist being an old man instead of the usual young man who sets off for a journey. Alonso Quixano is a man who becomes so obsessed with the chivalrous examples led by the knights in the books he read, he then decides to go on his own adventure because he believes that everything he has read is true. Alonso renames himself Don Quixote de la Mancha and begins to ride the roads of Spain in hopes for a grand adventure. In the beginning, the book can already be interpreted as a spiritual journey for Don Quixote, because his hopes and aspirations of having a great journey are mainly based off faith. He doesn’t know for sure what his journey will bring, but all he knows is that he wants to proceed with it. The people around Don Quixote believe that he has gone senile, but based off Don Quixote’s faith this doesn’t bother him at all. Don Quixote also gives up food and shelter all in the name of love. He gives up all of this for a peasant woman named Aldonza Lorenzo, who he renames Dulcinea del Toboso and envisions her to be a princess. The reader is never sure if she is real or not, although Don Quixote does describe her at times but always states it is hard to see her. The way that Don Quixote gives up everything for love can be thought of the way Jesus gave up everything for everyone he loved, or the way that we give up certain things for our love for Christ. Spirituality can also be interpreted by thinking that Don Quixote is in fact a protector or guardian over the land, as gentle and naïve Don Quixote is he still sees the world and everyone around him through the eyes of grace. On one of his stops during his journey he stays in an inn that he believes to...
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