Don Quixote Analysis

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  • Published : May 28, 2012
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Don Quixote’s Honorable Adventures
Age limits do not exist for a creative imagination. Don Quixote, an adventurous fifty-year-old man, escapes through a fantasy world. With the aid of his great pal, Sancho, Don Quixote takes the role of an honorable knight hoping to free the oppressed, fight against wizards and giants, and earn the love of his fair maiden, the Dulcinea of Taboso. Cervantes’ communicates his thoughts about friendship, honor, family, and society in the story using three techniques: irony, parody, and satire. Cervantes expresses, by the use of irony, how he feels true friends remain loyal even through rough times and situations; they will always admire you. For example, Don Quixote keeps finding more trouble for himself and his squire Sancho on their journey, but Sancho could not be more loyal. Sancho does not quite understand and becomes a little embarrassed of Don Quixote’s childish actions but he continues to stay right by his side. While completely juxtaposing each other with different motives and attitudes towards life, they ironically still acquire an admiration for one another. Also, towards the end, Sancho, bringing along the Lady Dulcinea of Taboso, visits Don in his home. Even though Don Quixote has given up his desire for adventure, Sancho still remains loyal to his quest and dreams. Ironically, Don becomes the realistic one while Sancho takes over Don’s quest. Such loyalty and admiration gives Don and Sancho a friendship with an unbreakable bond. Although friendships may have unbreakable bonds, Cervantes explains the way family looks out for each other and constantly works to protect one another, with the use of irony and parody. For instance, Don’s family seals off his library, hoping to save him from the crazy fantasies. Instead of giving up, as the family had expected, Don ironically obtains an even greater urge for thrilling adventure. Although the family only wanted what was best for Don, there was no stopping his adventurous...
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