Don Giovanni

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Don Giovanni

Don Giovanni is a comical opera, where the protagonists victor, that was written

by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in 1787 in the midst of the Enlightenment of the 18th century. Per the

textbook and class discussions, This was a time where people started questioning the authority of the

nobility and clergy, and the middle class wanted more power in the government. People were not

depending as much on the church for their social mores at the time and were becoming more pleasure

seeking. This of course led to The French Revolution in Europe and The War of Independence in


The list of characters I will be discussing in this paper is as follows:

Don Giovanni is an aristocrat who goes around seducing women and abusing his power over

them. He is a Lothario and seems to like partying like a rock star. He is very arrogant and seems to feel

that he is untouchable, doing whatever he wishes. He reminds me a little of former President Clinton

with his sex addiction. He has a strong, commanding Baritone voice

which portrays to me that he is used to getting his way.

Donna Anna is outwardly a respectable noblewoman engaged to Don Ottavio who claims Don

Giovanni tried to rape her in the opening scene. She has a very rich and strong soprano voice which,

like Don Giovanni's baritone, conveys to me that she is also very used to getting her way. She is not

one of my favorite characters nor is her voice (probably because she reminds me of myself). It gives a

domineering demeanor to her.

Don Ottavio is Donna Anna's fiance who is very committed to Donna Anna doing anything

to protect and serve her. We discussed in class how people see him as a weak person with which I

disagree. I see him as a man besotted with a woman who doesn't appear to be as in love with

him as he is with her. He reminds me of my partner who will loyally bend over backwards for the

person he loves, a personality of which it could be easy to take advantage for a person like

Donna Anna. He has a beautiful tenor range, my favorite of the male voices, oozing loyalty for his

betrothed and the strength and courage to be truly noble.

Il Commandatore is Donna Anna's father. He has a booming bass voice that conveys authority

and strength. It is very commanding slower and thorough, especially when he appears later as his

ghost. He is murdered in a duel with Don Giovanni while defending his daughter's honor and

protecting his home.

Donna Elvira is a woman who was seduced by Don Giovanni and has mixed feelings of love for

him and anger at being betrayed by him. She has a soprano voice which conveys that same haughty

strength as Donna Anna's voice that almost shrills when she is angry with Don Giovanni and softens

when she expresses her affection and concern for him.

Leporello is basically, along with Donna Elvira in a certain way, the comic relief. He is Don

Giovanni's unhappy servant who comes to his aid in getting him out of the scrapes with the ladies. I

used to somewhat have that role 20 years ago in my wild youth when I was best friends with a Don

Giovanni type named Ray. I used to always make excuses for him but would later tell his paramours

not to waste their time with him, pretty much intimating the notches Ray had on his belt. Leporello has

a bass voice that causes me to perceive a working class quality to it. However, I could just be

prejudiced since I already know that he is a servant and not of the nobility.

I am starting by writing on opening of the opera. It opens with Leporello complaining about

having to wait on Don Giovanni hand and foot 24 hours a day, seven days a week with no rest.

The music sounds staccato and fast as he is complaining about working so hard for so little with only a

few only a few string instruments accompanying him. The instruments sound monophonic. Then when...
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