Don't Label People

Topics: Observation, Psychiatry, English-language films Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: March 26, 2013
“Psychiatric diagnosis are in the minds of the observers and are not valid summaries of characteristics displayed by the observed” I think this means that even if you have a “ sane “ or “insane “ person, the psychiatrist could only be observing them in the hospital setting and make a wrong diagnosis. No, tow psychiatrist will make the exact same diagnosis unless they’re both in the room at the same time is my thought. I have often wondered if someone had a nervous breakdown for whatever reason and checked their self in, if they would ever get out if they stuck a label on them as a schizophrenic. I man if they don’t talk to them much or observe them how do they know if they are better or faking it? I think this is why so many people don’t ask for help, they are scared if they go in they will never come out and I think that is true of a lot of them too. Too many people I think just use labels as a way to get people out of the way until they have time to actually look at them. Our school system is the same way, they put a label on a child, could be bully, pyscho, geek, cool, it’s the same in the hospitals and once you get a label it’s stuck with you for life you can’t shake it free. If enough people end up calling you names you know you’re self soon you will start to believe what they are saying and act the part. The sane are not always sane, but lose their tempers and temporarily become insane, with rage, fear, or sadness no matter which emotion you still should have a chance to redeem yourself instead of getting a crazy label stuck on you for life. If so many are misdiagnosed sane people for insane, then are the insane actually smart enough to play them and get released into society? Which would really be a big disaster waiting to happen. The problems with normality and non-normality are some things are considered normal in some culture and the same thing could be considered absolute non-normal in other cultures. Type 2 error is when physicians diagnosis...
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