Don't Get Me Started on... the Youth of Today.

Topics: Poverty, Youth, Ageism Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: April 10, 2011
English homework, by Chloe Brehony 10J.
Don’t get me started on . . . the youth of today.
In response to this over opinionated segment I would like to express how outraged I truly am. Being a young person today I feel that the majority of us normal everyday youths are being stereotyped into a hood wearing, crime committing and drug abusing association. Throughout my response I am going to voice my perception of your youth hating statement, and give you an insight into the aspiration filled youths, like myself. As you claim to know a lot about how we don’t care about such things as- `abused animals’ and ‘starving children in poorer countries.’ This has angered me, as many schools all over the UK organise charity days, where we raise money for causes such as abused animals and poverty stricken children. The good aspects are never reported upon; such as the ones listed in the above paragraph. You stated ‘just shove them in front of a computer, log them onto Facebook or MySpace, plug them into their iPods’ and watch them go.’ Well I am very sorry to disappoint you as I have managed to tear myself off Facebook for 5 minutes and think about the issue that surrounds us, firstly I don’t agree with the statement about virtual worlds, you claim most youths live in as the internet is a very dangerous place, and youths who do use such sites are not safe as it is rife with adult paedophiles grooming youths or is that our fault also; do we not care enough to stop them, or is it just out of our hands including yours? I also, have never heard of such disturbing events such as `mentally disabled children being beaten up’ and being recorded, no normal youth would ever watch anything so disturbing! Also I would like to add, homework is not a `thing’ of the past, it is still a very important part of school life and if homework is not completed an appropriate sanction is given. As young developing people, we are influenced by the things around us .In the adolescent years we...
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