Don't Get Me Started

Topics: Driving, Automobile, Motorway Pages: 2 (815 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Don’t Get Me Started – Impatient Drivers

What is it about today’s society that once inside the diminutive world of their cars they seem to lose all rationality; become impatient, lose all common sense, courtesy and driving etiquette? Are we all in such a rush that we forget the principles we were taught whilst learning to drive and that allowed us to pass our tests?

Personally, I believe that for many drivers these rules and regulations go out of the window as soon as they receive their ‘fully qualified’ status. I passed my test many years ago but have recently started to drive again after a long spell of not owning a car. I was apprehensive when getting back behind the wheel and drove quite slowly until I gained my confidence. What does surprise me was how other drivers seem to like being stuck to the rear of my car. This worries me because if I have to brake suddenly they will end up crashing into me. Have we forgotten the principles of braking distances? According to the Highway Code, when we drive at 30 mph we need 23 metres to stop. This includes 9metres thinking time and 14metres stopping distance, which is equivalent to 6 car lengths. Now unless ‘Joe Bloggs’ behind is thinking in matchbox car sizes, he will not have enough time or space to avoid a collision. On motorways there are distance/speed indicator chevrons painted in the middle of each lane. These are 40 metres apart and by keeping 2 marks between each car can give a safe driving distance at 70mph. Now I’m sure most of us have heard about the 2 second rule; ‘Only a fool breaks the 2 second rule’. This means that you have to allow the minimum of 2 seconds between your car and the car travelling in front to have a good chance of stopping in time to avoid an accident. So again, why do people insist that they have the right to tailgate another car’s rear-end? This is not only un-nerving and dangerous but it’s illogical.

Another area where logic and courtesy seems to go out of the...
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