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Secondary Research

Further, Stewart and Kamins (1993) also suggest that secondary sources provides an opportunity to learn what is already known, and what remains to be learned, about a particular topic. In addition secondary research includes government reports, industry studies, archived data sets, and syndicated information services as well as the traditional books and journals.

Secondary research was conducted using books and journal articles and online sources (Athens). Books will be consulted when discovering, understanding and evaluating existing role model theories, owing to their reliability and extensive explanations. A range of years, dating back, to 2000, were accepted owing to the broad scope and understanding of the theories required. These backdated theories were then applied to current industry examples, providing a contemporary debate on the effect of training and development on staff turnover.

Articles, most frequently from academic and trade journals alongside recognized and respected trade magazines, will provide more up-to-date examples regarding current examples of successful training and development techniques. Stewart and Kamins (1993) suggest that secondary research should be carefully evaluated to ensure it is valid and free from deliberate or unintentional bias.

Only valid and reliable information will be used to understand the theories that are involved in this dissertation as some secondary research does become obsolete with time due to social and policy changes. Saunders (2007) also explains that secondary research is also useful for data analysis and evaluation which will take place later in the dissertation.

Secondary research was vital to this study, consolidating data which may be unobtainable to primarily collect. A key advantage of secondary research is the allowance of more time for the reader to interpret and analyse the presented literature as the research has already been collected. Literature from...
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