Dominos Case

Topics: Marketing, Focus group, Customer relationship management Pages: 2 (390 words) Published: March 10, 2013
caseDominos video case
Domino’s Pizza marketing research played a customer insights role. They had to find out what customers thought of Domino’s and what they wanted, except. The research showed that Domino’s had a great service, but the taste of its pizza was far behind competitors. Marketing research gain deep insights into customers needs using social media channel and focus groups. It got direct media feedback from consumers through Facebook, twitter and other social media. The marketing information system (MIS) realized that based on all the negative feedback about the taste, dominos had to set up legit focus group to talk to consumers directly face to face. Marketing research results were terrible, after gaining incredibly amount of negative reviews about Dominos pizza. Marketing executives realized that they had to face the problem.

Dominos threw out its old recipe and started from scratch completely reinventing a new Domino’s pizza. After testing the pizza with old consumers and realizing they had top of the line pizza. Dominos launched a 75 million “turnaround promotion”. The marketing strategy dominos used was to show all the bad reviews and degrading ads about dominos and show CEO Patrick Doyle admitting that there comes time for a change. This honest campaign was published through all social media where the brand posted bad and good things and asked for continuing feedback about Dominos. Marketing researchers wanted to be honest about the turnaround, so they documented it. Knowing that this approach was risky for a campaign. The upfront marketing approach worked “we had to be honest and transparent” said CMO Weiner.

The research process Domino’s did was a success by talking, hearing and acting on the insights from their customers was very effective. Interpreting and reporting findings was an effective marketing strategy for Dominos. It also improved their customer relationship management (CRM). Dominos learned more about their old,...
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