Domino Lab

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  • Published : April 23, 2007
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Domino Lab

I.Problem: What spacing between the Domino's will provide the fastest velocity for a line of falling Domino's. II.Background:
The Domino C.I.M. lab that we have been assigned brings forth the question of the compression of a line of Domino's. The question is, what set up of Domino's has the fastest compression time. We intend on testing this by lining up different strings of Domino's and finding which variable of distance has the greatest compression velocity. This compression of Domino's shares a very close relation to longitudinal sound waves. Longitudinal sound waves work by the compression and rarefaction or particles along a wavelength. The speed of the wave depends upon the denseness of the air. Higher dense air makes the speed of the wave faster, lower dense air makes the speed of the wave slower. The denseness of the air compares to the Domino's thought the collapse of the domino's and the speed at which they collapse. The spacing of the Domino's affects many different variables. The first would be the collision rate, it seems that as the Domino's are placed closer together it will increase the rate of collision, and domino's that are placed farther apart will have a decreased collision rate. Another is the linear distance of the Domino's, logic dictates that the farther the Domino's are positioned apart, the farther the linear distance will be in the end. Another variable that need be addressed is the variables working for and against the collapse of the Domino's. The Domino falls by being struck by one side by a neighboring Domino, this collision pushes the Domino horizontally with a force that exceeds the gravitational vertical force exerted on the Domino. This happens until the Domino tips to a 45 degree angle, from that point until it is completely collapsed, the gravitational force on the domino is greater then the initial horizontal force exerted by the Domino being struck from the side. But in the end my...
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