Domino's Pizza

Topics: Bread, Nutrition, IPhone Pages: 2 (369 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Identify the critical marketing issues
It goes without saying that pizza is viewed as one of the most popular food all over the world. Among the numerous pizza delivery corporations, the pizza brand Domino’s occupies a certain amount of market share in over sixty counties. In order to meet the demands of the growing needs and make preparations for the global intense competition, Domino’s put more emphasis on digital marketing and considers social media as a useful means in its e-commerce marketing strategy.

ST action plan
1. As the customers pay more and more attentions on a healthy diet, Domino’s can introduce a separated part to offer healthier items in their menu on their online meal ordering system. It can also put forward some special offers such as ‘Health Day’ to promote their healthier food and to enhance brand awareness at the same time. 2. 去网站看 health-related calorie calculator

The online ordering system only indicates the price but without the amount of calories for each kind of food. It can introduce a calorie calculator to tell customers how many calories they will absorb according to their ordered meal. 3. On the homepage, there is a part for customers to choose an app which is available to iphone, ipad and kindle to make an order. The case study illustrates that Domino’s added a new application to facilitate customers using iPhone to order pizza. As youngsters are the main group of iPhone users, it can provide some pizza-related game applications. To be more specific, people can play games to earn more points which can be used as cash while they order Domino’s meal. Because people want to use their winning to pay the bill, they will choose Domino’s as their first choice while ordering food. Domino’s pizza hero

This type of application designed for iPad users. the customer can use this kind of App experience the whole process of making pizza. From the initial knead dough, brush sauce, to add stuffing, and then to the final cutting...
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