Domino's Franchising

Topics: Franchising, Pizza delivery, Franchise Pages: 4 (1346 words) Published: July 16, 2008
Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen I am .............................I’m a representative for Domino’s Pizza Australia. Today I will present to you the reasons why you should invest in my franchise. I will be outlining the advantages and disadvantages of the franchise as well as a SWOT Analysis, KPI’s and I will suggest a suitable location for the franchise.

But first, allow me to give you a brief overview of what Dominos does. Like all big businesses they all started out small and grew over the years. Dominos started in America with only one store in America. Then started to franchise around the world. Domino's Pizza Australia began in Red Hill, Brisbane, in 1978 as Silvio's Dial-A-Pizza, established by brothers Silvio and Fel Bevacqua. Silvio's Dial-A-Pizza began Australia's first home delivery service in 1980. By 1993, Silvio's had over 70 locations. In 1993, Silvio's bought the master franchise for the international Domino's brand in Australia and New Zealand. Today there are over 8000 dominos franchises around the world, 440 stores Australia wide and employing over 11000 staff. The Dominos Pizza franchise system is one of the most widely recognised pizza franchises in the world. Domino’s delivers hot, fresh and tasty pizzas to many Australian homes everyday. Domino’s is the largest pizza franchise in Australia with more than 23 years of experience operating in the pizza franchising industry, and over 423 stores in Australia with a lot more on the way. I chose Domino’s Pizza as it is a very popular pizza take away company for most families in Australia and thought that it would be interesting if I did some more research into the popular pizza franchise. The price of investing into a franchise can vary from $250,000 to $350,000 due to different locations around Australia, the size of the premises level and type of equipment. Domino’s is a company that gives back to the community by assisting young Australians nationally around Australia and believes in...
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