Dominican Republic Research Paper

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  • Published : April 29, 2012
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The Dominican Republic
For decades, controversy has existed over whether Hispanic-Americans from the Dominican Republic should identify with one or two cultures. The concept of dual citizenship would allow Dominican-Americans to identify with two cultures. Although some would argue that dual citizenship is flawed because individuals should identify with one culture or the other, dual citizenship gave Dominican-Americans several advantages that outweighed the drawbacks. First, dual citizenship allowed Dominican-Americans the ability to travel back and forth between the United States and the Dominican Republic. What happens to a Dominican in America if his or her family member in the D.R. gets sick? The Dominican in America would only be able to take care of the family member in the D.R. if he had a dual citizenship. The dual citizenship would allow him to return to the D.R. and stay for an extended period of time. Dual citizenship would also allow Dominican-Americans the ability to send money back to the D.R.

Second, dual citizenship allowed Dominican-Americans the benefit of better healthcare services. The status of American citizenship would allow Dominican-Americans access to better hospitals, doctors, and treatment in the event of getting sick. Furthermore, Dominican-American children would have access to annual pediatric care that would lead to a lower chance of serious illness in the future. The healthcare services from the Dominican Republic were no comparison to the elite services offered in America. The U.S. healthcare system offered benefits such as social security, Medicare, and universal healthcare, which were not offered in the Dominican Republic.

Third, dual citizenship allowed Dominican-Americans access to better education. This benefit also included financial aid for 1st Generations, many of whom could not afford secondary or college education. The education system in America was elite compared to the schools offered in the Dominican...
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