Dominant Needs

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  • Published : November 30, 2005
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Writing Assignment #1

"Everyone's behavior is guided by his or her unique needs and wants." Salespersons, prospects, customers, and consumers all make their daily decisions based on this fact. By better understanding others needs and wants as well as your own, a salesperson can reach his full potential for attracting new business as well as retaining business while maximizing revenue.

As we discussed in class, there are four major personality traits that differ depending on varying amounts of assertiveness combined with responsiveness to others found common in people's behavior. Of these four; which include communicators, completers, and calculators; I believe myself to be most effectively described as a commander. I still may exhibit other traits commonly found in the other profile quadrants, which in turn makes me a moderate commander. On a scale from 1-10, with regards to assertiveness, I would project myself to be a 7 (10 being high). In addition, I believe I am receptive of others, but with some reservations which would correlate on the same scale as a 4 (more closed than open).

I like to dress well and carry an air of confidence in my walk (well at least when I could walk). I like having control in most situations, whether leading a team athletically or in decision making, I like to be the one making the calls because I trust myself more than others in doing a particular task the right way. I have heard on occasion (mostly from women) that I can be rude in the way I say things if they didn't know me better. I hate being taken advantage of and like to pride myself in sniffing out a bad deal, or fuzzy logic. However, if I am given incentive and am encouraged and recognized for my hard work and talent, then I will continue to loyally plug away in the job arena.

Many of the aforementioned traits I have learned, or as I like to think of it: laid dormant until I gained personal experience with sales and interacted with various people on...
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