Dominant Behavioral Style

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  • Published : January 20, 2013
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Dominating the Dominant Behavioral Style
Andrea L. Edwards
BSOL 401
Personal Assessment and Development
Professor R. Dauer
August 28, 2011

The personality profile that I scored the highest on was the dominant behavioral style. Conscientiousness was a close second. Both of these results reflected my personality very well. There are positive and negative attributes to my determined style. Now that I am aware of what profile fits me, it is necessary to make adjustments. A balance is crucial for my development. In order to find a positive balance, it is essential to recognize my strengths and weaknesses. For me to make progress as an individual, I need to understand what identifies me as dominant and of a developer’s pattern. I also need to take a look at how I view myself and in turn how others view me. By making this assessment, I can begin to eliminate the negative traits and highlight my positive behavior. This will allow me to become a better person in both the workplace and my personal life. Taking a look at the dominance behavioral style, I took note at the many similarities to my personality. I am, indeed, a person that accepts challenges, makes quick decisions, causes action and likes to get immediate results. In my environment, I desire opportunities for advancement and individual accomplishment. I also seek freedom from controls and supervision. I demand direct answers. The action plan that I should follow holds the key to decreasing the negative aspects of this style. Learning to pace myself and relax is difficult for me. My need for people is something I have trouble realizing. Hopefully, coming to terms with what I need to do will allow me to make strides in the right direction. After my coworkers’ assessment of me, I came to the conclusion that I may be showing inconsistencies in my behavior. I received three different evaluations of my personality. I was seen as dominant, influential and steady. In my own defense, I chose three very...
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