Domestic vs Foriegn Cars

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  • Published : June 4, 2011
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Foreign Engineered Vehicles
Detroit auto sales plummeted an average of 36% between Ford and Dodge in the month of July 2010 alone. The foreign competition rapidly made up the difference with automakers such as Toyota improving sales with an 11.7% increase in sales. This significant increase moves them into the number two position, surpassing Ford Motor Company for the first time ever (Businessweek). Foreign engineered vehicles are becoming superior to those with a domestic origin. Initially, these cars have an increase in cost compared to domestic vehicles, but are more cost effective in the long run. Generally, foreign engineered vehicles contain better features than the domestic competition. In addition, imported vehicles are economically friendly to both the Canadian and American auto sectors; foreign makes and models attract buyers from foreign cultures in North America by boosting the economy. Furthermore, foreign vehicles are known to retain their value and reliability better than domestic vehicles. Inevitably, imported cars continue to dominate the North American auto sales economy, and it has become undeniable that foreign engineering is the best “bang for your buck”. The years of “All American-Muscle” and gas-guzzling trucks are now just unconventional things from the past. In these modern times, the general public is less concerned about features pertaining to how much more horsepower people can gain with their new Kenne Bell “Mammoth” supercharger or how much mud they can crawl through with their 35 inch “Nitto Mud Grapplers.” Instead, they are more concerned with fuel economy, comfort, and style, with some buyers even looking to purchase the fuel efficient hybrid models. As gas prices continue to increase, the world has started to change its methods of production with a higher focus on fuel economy. These changes are mainly economically based, but also have to do with the recent focus on carbon emissions. In turn, people are more aware and conscientious about the decisions and they are making and how they will affect future generations. With car owners purchasing and driving fuel efficient vehicles, they are saving large amounts of money as well as reducing their carbon footprint. According to “Consumer Reports Canada 2010” the top nine out of ten cars with best overall fuel economy were foreign makes and models that all averaged 36.4 mile/per gallon (mpg) which is equal to approximately 6.5 litres/100 kilometres (11). The worst fuel economy list was dominated by domestic vehicles such as the Cadillac Escalade and the Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD LTZ (11). With green house gas emissions becoming a large concern for both of the government and many car owners, engineers have turned to electric motors to work in correspondence with the internal combustion engine. Hybrid electric vehicles also known as Hybrids, are considered the best of both worlds because they combine the benefits of a gasoline engine with an electric motor. Three of the typical uses in hybrid vehicles include: “Regenerative Braking” which is where the electric motor applies resistance to the drivetrain causing the wheels to slow down. Another use is “Electric Motor Drive/Assist”, where the electrical motor provides additional power to assist the engine, allowing smaller, more efficient engines to be used. The third feature is “Automatic Start/Shut off” where the engine automatically shuts off when the vehicle comes to a stop and restarts when the gas pedal is pressed, preventing wasted energy (How Hybrids Work). Over half of the cars in the best fuel economy class from Consumer Reports Canada 2010 were hybrid cars. A vehicle is not all about the special features it contains, but also style. Import hybrids attract a variety of types of buyers with their sleek design. In addition, perks from the dealership help reinforce individual dealerships customer service and satisfaction. With technology causing an evolution in vehicle design, things like...
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