Domestic Violence Treatment Plan

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  • Published : December 15, 2010
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Domestic Violence Treatment Plan
The patient/family will understand the impact and influences those cultural and spiritual traditions, practices, and beliefs have on health and wellness. 1. Discuss the potential role of cultural/spiritual traditions, practices and beliefs in achieving and maintaining health and wellness. Refer to clergy services, traditional healers, or other culturally appropriate resources. 2. Explain that traditional medicines/treatments should be reviewed with the healthcare provider to determine if there are positive or detrimental interactions with prescribed treatment. Explain that the medical treatment plan must be followed as prescribed to be effective. DISEASE PROCESS/CONDITION

The patient/family will understand that domestic violence is a chronic and preventable condition involving a specific pattern of behaviors, beliefs, attitudes, and feelings. 1. Explain that domestic violence can become a chronic condition and has its roots in low-self worth, fears of abandonment or being alone, and can be seeded in early childhood or adolescence. Examples can be: real or imagined abandonment by caretakers, witnessing violence within the family, being a victim of abuse or neglect, having a emotionally-unavailable parent (alcoholic or depressed). 2. Explain co-dependency as it relates to domestic violence. Discuss the patient’s and family members’ attitudes toward their dependency. 3. Discuss the patient/family member’s abusive/violent/controlling behavior and/or pattern of victimization. 4. Discuss the role of alcohol and substance abuse as it relates to domestic violence. 5. Explain that the natural course of domestic violence is one of escalation and that without intervention it will not resolve. FOLLOW-UP

The patient/family will understand the importance of follow-up and will make a plan to keep follow-up appointments. 1. Discuss the importance of follow-up care.
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