Domestic Violence Speech

Topics: Child abuse, Domestic violence, Violence Pages: 2 (494 words) Published: November 30, 2010
I. Introduction
A. One out of six women has experienced physical and sexual abuse during childhood. Around three millions women in the US reported experiencing domestic abuse in the past year. One out of 5 women have been raped or assaulted in her lifetime. These statistics from the book Domestic Violence: Opposing viewpoints are very alarming, and yet this violence doesn’t get the attention that should and is seen as common today. B. We must end domestic violence in our society.

C. Today we will take a closer look at what exactly domestic violence is, analyze who are the victims of the domestic violence and see why it is such a big problem in our community today. D. First we’ll see what is domestic violence?

II. We must understand that domestic violence is more than just physical violence. A. 1.
2. Key words: Domestic violence, behavior, control others, types, physical, psychological, sexual. B. now that we know what domestic violence is, let’s see who the victims of this type of abuse are. III. All of us should understand that domestic violence happens to anyone and even to one of us. A. 1. Iowa Department of Public Safety

2. Key words: professional victims, male victims, crimes by women increasing, crime by men decreasing, domestic violence, same sex, relationship. B. After seeing who the victims of domestic violence are, we might begin to understand its effects on our society. IV. It is important to realize that domestic violence affects our society. A. 1.”Domestic Violence is a Serious Problem”, article by Denise Gosselin. 2. key words: females victims, killed by husband, boyfriend, victim’s fault, do not leave abuser, most frequent violence, police officers, encounter, B. you must recognize the problem because domestic violence destroys lives, happiness, mental health, and it also transforms societies. V....
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