Domestic Violence Essay

Topics: Domestic violence, Humans, Violence Pages: 2 (379 words) Published: January 1, 2013

Violence is the biggest factor of bad mood. There are many types of violence,but domestic violence is the worst one. It can destroy a family, surely break someones heart and can cause to lose even the most important person in a humans life in some cases. There are three main causes of domestic violence.

First of all, Financial problems could cause domestic violence. If a person does not earn enough money to do something like for example make someone happy and buy that person a present, and make that person happy, some people believe that domestic violence is the solution. Or something that is wanted by the persons children and he cannot afford it makes him confused. This person is directly in a bad mood and can even beat his wife or children, the people he wants to make happy. Instead of this to try and work on this point may be a solution of it. No one should run away from the responsibilities he or her has and work hard to earn that money.

Second, lack of experience is another point. People who did not learn from his wrong decisions, does not know how to handle a problem that occurs suddenly. This makes the person desperate and he does not know a way out. Also people who grew up without a mother or father, had not the possibility to feel their love. This drives them to sadness and destroys their whole life. They do not know a solution and for them it is again domestic violence.

Finally, overdose of alcohol is another cause of domestic violence while it causes a person to think only about bad things. The person thinks deeper and loses him or herself. Some people destroy their family in only one night. They beat their wife or mother, even their children. It can even end with a death. One moment of a decision is the most important thing in our lives.

In brief, domestic violence has been increasing in years. Although it has so many causes, every person should think about what he or her is doing, to sit and think, taking a...
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