Domestic Violence and Gender Bias

Topics: Crime, Criminal justice, Police Pages: 2 (317 words) Published: September 10, 2012
Domestic Violence and
Is There Gender Bias in Our Court System?

What Is Domestic Violence?
Who are the offenders? Who are the victims?

What are the dangers? Is there psychological effects? Is it genetic?

Is there learning disabilities? Does the court recognize bias?

Is it publicized? Is there public policy for or against?

What are the risk factors in being bias?

What can be done?

Hello Dr. Catanzaro,
The topic that I have chosen for research is Domestic Violence and is there Gender Bias in Our Court System, how are the two correlated? Approval of this project is needed from you and any comments, directives, and assistance that you can offer would be appreciated. To begin the search for the list of books, articles and guides, I will be searching the Bibliographic Index Plus, Readers Guide and Books in Print, also the National Institute of Justice, the FBI Website, and Metropolitan Davidson County Police Department as well. Upon initial research it is almost, always, an acquaintance of the victim that is usually the offender. The causes and consequences for these crimes vary from district to district, but the Criminal Justice System has a proven record of prosecuting those responsible. My proposal is to alleviate the free will the courts have in sentencing these offenders. Truth in sentencing is the key to help remove any appearance or acts of bias in the courts. It is very obvious that women and children are the prime recipients of these crimes so the bias is prominent. The real task is to eliminate all bias when possible and commit to a fair and honest form of true justice and not just us. The working plan I will use is the research of the books, articles, and guides to help in the process. Please review this proposal, your aid and guidance is truly needed.

Marian D. Short
Shipping Manager
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