Domestic Violence and Emily Sherman

Topics: Domestic violence, Alcoholism, Wife Pages: 2 (427 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Ryan Ramirez
Criminal Justice

Directions: Read the following information. Assume that you have been dispatched to the call. In the space provided, write five questions you would ask the victim and five questions you would ask the suspect. Then write a report narrative. You arrive at Cheap & Cozy Apartments when a white female. EMILYSHERMAN (VICTIM),meets you outside by the front door. E. SHERMAN'S hair is messy. and her left shirt sleeve is torn. You immediately notice that her right eye is swollen. You question E. SHERMAN. who tells you that her husband. GARY SHERMAN (SUSPECT), punched her in the face when she confronted him about his alleged gambling and drinking problem. E. SHERMAN tells you that her husband has a violent temper and that he frequently "beats her" when he has been drinking. E. SHERMAN allows you to enter her apartment. Once inside, you observe G. SHERMAN pacing the kitchen floor. He is drinking a can of beer. When he sees you, he yells. "Get the hell outta here, cop!" You question G. SHERMAN. who says his wife is a "crazy woman" and that she should be taken to the "funny farm." G. SHERMAN has nothing else to say to you. Write five questions you would ask Emily Sherman (victim)

1. At what time did this all occur?
2. Tell me more about his gambling and alcohol problem?
3. Does your husband have any felonys?
4. Has this happened before?
5. Are you okay?

Write five questions you would ask Gary Sherman (suspect)
1. What happened tonight ?
2. Please explain to me your story?
3. Have you been drinking tonight?
4. How much have you had to drink?
5. Did you hit your wife?

Using the information on organization from the chapter write a narrative of this report. Remember spelling and grammar. On 4-7-2012 at about 2315 hours, I was dispatched to 2378 Wine St to investigate a domestic disturbance call, Mrs. Sherman was outside of her apartment, she appeared to have a swollen eye and her shirt ripped. I than...
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