Domestic Violence Against Married Women

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  • Published : September 21, 2010
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Rose Homicil
Domestic Violence against Married
Women in Erdine
Professor Telan
Florida International University

Violence against women has always been a major social crisis for in society. Women affected by this social pandemic do not only suffer physical damages, but they also experience major psychological and emotional traumas as well. In this article, Tokuc, Ekuklu, and Avcioglu (2010) aimed to determine what factors contribute to domestic violence mostly against married women in the province of Erdine, Turkey. The four most predominant factors that foster this kind of abuse against women are patriarchal and traditional values, women’s lack of financial autonomy, and low socioeconomic status. As discussed in Tokuc et al. (2010), unequal power relationship in the marriage is one of the reasons why physical and sexual violence in the home are kept secret by the victims. This is one of the most pervasive factors contributing to abuse in the home. This study comprised a sample size of 288 participants, and the respondents were between the age of 16 and 49. A 16-question instrument was used to assess women’s victimization experience of physical and sexual abuse. Socioeconomic and demographics were measured, and SPSS version 13.0 was used for statistical analyses. It was reported that 65% of women and 10.7% of partners were unemployed the year prior to survey (Tokuc et al., 2010). Apparently, research findings indicated that socio-demographic and economic characteristics as related to physical and sexual violence are similar to that of other countries. However, it was discovered that Turkish women are at an increased likelihood of long-term domestic violence if they are unemployed, living in crowded households, and married only with their parents’ approval (2010). But, most importantly, this study revealed that that patriarchal and traditional values, women’s lack of financial autonomy, and low socioeconomic status are the most immediate threats...
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