Domestic Violence

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The results of my Pearson Correlation analysis indicate that there is no statistically significant relationship between poverty and perpetrating domestic violence. This is because the probability value is equal to .529 which is greater than .049. This means that I do not reject the null hypothesis. The value of the correlation coefficient is -.091 which indicates a weak negative correlation. Since obtaining domestic violence data can be difficult, the proxy variable aggravated assault was used. Proxy variables are used in place of variables that are unable to be observed. A good proxy variable has a strong positive relationship to the unobservable variable (Lewis-Beck, Bryman & Liao, 2004).

Though this analysis found no statistically significant relationship between poverty and perpetrating domestic violence, the results can still have implications for future research. It must first be said that this analysis had many limitations that could have affected the results. These limitations need to be addressed in future research. This analysis also allows researchers to focus on other possible causes of domestic violence. According to a study done by Abramsky et al. (2011), variables associated with high rates of domestic violence include, a history of being abused or witnessing by the victim or their partner, and if either the victim or their partner has a drug or alcohol problem. These two variables need to be studied further in order to determine their connection to domestic violence. Addressing the variables that may lead to domestic violence is critical to preventing the crime. There are many limitations to the analysis I conducted. The first of which is that many other independent variables besides poverty could have led to my dependent variable of perpetrating domestic violence. Another limitation is...
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