Domestic Animal Abuse

Topics: Cruelty to animals, Abuse, Suffering Pages: 3 (1070 words) Published: October 25, 2010
Kaitlin Kimak
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Domestic Animal Abuse
Looking at these absolutely adorable animals must make you wonder what kind of person could possibly want to harm such a lovable companion. Unfortunately, this is what happens to thousands of animals on a daily basis. (show pictures). According to a study conducted by the Humane Society of the United States 65% of alleged domestic animal abusers are the owners of the pets. There are not many people who could come up with more than a few reasons for why in the world someone would abuse a pet but, regrettably, there are quite a few known. * Because some people are insecure about themselves they mistreat their pets to demonstrate and confirm power and authority over the entire family. * To isolate the animal to feel superior

* To eliminate competition for attention.
* To force the family to keep violence a secret. (threats with more violence) * To teach submission.
* To retaliate for acts of independence and self-determination. * To perpetuate the context of terror.
* To punish the animal for “poor behavior”
* To degrade the animal through involvement in the abuse. This is why many reports show that animal abuse is also closely related to child abuse. When it comes to animal cruelty, it is basically classified into two categories: direct violence and neglect. Direct violence is the type of violence that animals suffer every day at the hands of people including being beaten, mutilated, shot, set on fire or otherwise tortured in many ways that are incredibly difficult to imagine. Neglect is when animals suffer and die when they are denied proper food, water or shelter, causing them to slowly starve to death or die from exposure to freezing cold or sweltering hot temperatures. These are among the most cruel ways to abuse an animals because the death is, in most cases, very slow and painful as time goes on. Hoarding animals can also cause suffering on an...
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