Domestic Animal

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Friendship, Mother Pages: 1 (419 words) Published: January 19, 2013
Even every child knows what it is animal. And I bet with you that every child sees it interesting to have some animal at home, to own it and to care for it. My first animal was given to me in my age of seven and it was little guinea-pig which was three-coloured. That time, I think, my love for animals begins and I doubt it will ever stop. I always hear children say they really want to have some pet - cat or dog, mostly dog. And most of the time they have to wait until they can buy it by themselves because their parents don't want to be responsible for other member of their family. And yes, animal like cat or dog becomes member of your family if you want it or not. But I fell in love with guinea-pigs. I had four of them till now. But every time it was one single animal in my room with me, one little friend. As I grew up it wasn't only friendly and definitely lovely face which I like on them but their character which was different in every of them. They can be snuggling but they can easy become angry with you and then you have to be careful to find your way to them again. After some time guinea-pigs became my new hobby. I caught up with few breeders and found out new interesting things for example about genetics of exhibition guinea-pigs. I said before that animals like dogs become members of your family but after all even a far more little "thing" joined to our family life. Once I told my father that he's speaking more with our Jack than with me! :-) And when we are talking about family life maybe the next time I will buy a couple with genealogical tree and join to the breeders… But now I have something else in my room, something which can be counted to animals. It is my little sister. She is like other children. She wanted dog, but zhen I explained to her very carefully that she should try something else to our parents. Finally it seems that she is more practical now so we have periodical discussion about bunnies on Sunday and I think that it won't last long to...
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