Domestic Abuse / Violance Against South Asian Women in Uk

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  • Published : October 24, 2008
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I. Historical context

2. Aims and objects of the study

3. Previous Research

4. The overview of Edinburgh south Asian community

5. Methods and design of survey

6. Analysis of data

7. Comparison with other researches in this area

8. Conclusions

9. Recommendations

10. Acknowledgements

11. Bibliography

12. APPENDIX: The Questionnaire

1. Introduction

Violence against women manifestation of historically unequal power relation between men and women which have led to domination over and discrimination against women by men and to prevention of full advancement of women. (UN declaration 1993)

Recent day’s domestic abuse is serious issue that faces our society at large that’s why it has become a prominent area of social as well as criminological research. Especially the violence against women demands special consideration. As overall domestic abuse is concerned with many factors and inequality in society. But the main perpetrators are always the male abuse of power in every social group and society. One in four women will be victim of domestic violence at some time in their life, for men the figure one in six (Saunders and barrens 2003). Domestic abuse in any physical or psychological emotional abuse that impairs the ability of abused women to function in a healthy and positive way in the society.

Scotland is home to a thriving South Asian community, despite its strong presence in the country in terms of number, there are a number of issues like domestic abuse of women’s in south Asian families that are discourage to be discussed outside the house and in some cases even inside. From a long time, their was a negligence of society to address this issue adequately especially due to the conservative elements in South Asian society to exercise their practices on the name of religion, culture, customs, and traditions. But from a last decade violence against women in South Asian families caught a intentions not only from state as well as other non government organizations especially regarding forced marriages and domestic abuse.

I. Historical context

The South Asian is that part of the world which is always recognised by the societies of male dominations. Women were always rendered by their rights especially spousal rights are abused by not only their partners as well as their in-laws. This gender inequality gives rise to domestic abuse of women in South Asian families. Due to orthodox, cultural, religious and traditional male practices of put the women on risk on permanent domestic abuse. And the women are always reluctant to report these incidents to police or any other criminal justice organization.

As in the native origin of this community women were always deprived from their social, economical, and political rights in the Indian Subcontinent. The domination of the men in Scotland like their perspective native origin can be directly observed in the particular community. Women believe in the inherent superiority of males. They are brought up like that the men are their controller and guards in their lives and they are forced to l et their lives under the control of men legally, economically and politically. These orthodox, traditions deprived women from their rights and they are abused by their male partners and other family members. Ironically women are still becoming victim of old customs like ‘vani’1 ‘karokari’2 and sati3

2. Aims and objectives of the study

The aim of this research report is to find the experience of domestic abuse of South Asian women in the city of Edinburgh and surrounding area. We will try to explore the victimization rate of South Asian women coupled with patterns of violence against them by their partners as well other family members. Further more we will try to find out who are the main perpetrators against South Asian women in the particular...
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