Domain Model Refinement

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A domain model, or Domain Object Model (DOM) in problem solving and software engineering can be thought of as a conceptual model of a domain of interest (often referred to as a problem domain) which describes the various entities, their attributes and relationships, plus the constraints that govern the integrity of the model elements comprising that problem domain.

 A detailed software development plan, containing:
 An updated risk assessment,
 A management plan,
 A staffing plan,
 A phase plan showing the number and contents of the iteration  An iterative plan, detailing the next iteration
 The development environment and other tools required
 A test plan
 A baseline vision, in the form of a set of evaluation criteria for the final product  Objective, measurable evaluation criteria for assessing the results of the initial iterations of the construction phase  A domain analysis model (80% complete), sufficient to be able to call the corresponding architecture 'complete'.  A software architecture description (stating constraints and limitations)  An executable architectural baseline.

An application domain model describes a class of related applications. As a particular application is read and understood, the application domain model should be refined (specialized and instantiated) to reflect its specific characteristics.

* Particularly in situations where older programming languages are used, begin by looking for the occurrence of modern control structures implemented by more primitive constructs (representation) * Likewise, look for the use of primitive data structures to represent unavailable ones (representation) * It may sometimes be necessary to reconfigure the control flow of the program to increase structure (representation) * Look for special cases; that is, look for similar sections of code that differ only in a small number of ways. Replace...
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