Dolls House

Topics: Henrik Ibsen, A Doll's House, Marriage Pages: 3 (1173 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Kate Godfrey
Professor Hynes
7 Feb 2013
Final Draft
A Doll’s House
Marriage: a bond between two loving people, who commit to each other through thick and thin, and for better or worse. This idea of love and happiness is a common and often desired wish for many people who seek to fulfill one of many life’s offerings. Although marriage is a sacred bond between to people, it is often abused and superficial, diminishing its purpose entirely. Marriage and love is a very centralized and prominent topic within Henrik Ibsen’s play A Doll’s House. Isben peers beyond the “seemingly normal” motives of marriage, (love and happiness) and examines more deeply into the superficial relationships within the play; much like the ones we see in real life situations. The conversations and actions conducted by the play’s characters help support the notion of Ibsen’s point of “missing elements” and superficial motives within marriages. Isben begins his interpretation of marriage through the two main protagonist of the play, Torvald and Nora Helmer. From the first scene of the play we can already see that Torvald treats Nora in a very demeaning and condescending fashion, “Hasn’t Miss Sweet Tooth been breaking rules in town today?” (pp. 4). Although they may seem like a charming and normal couple it is apparent that they are far from it. We start to see peculiar elements when Torvald constantly talks to Nora in a “pet” like manner, continuously referring to her with pet names, and acting as if he owns her and expecting no intellectual conversation from her in return. Though he may speak to her sweetly he does so as a father would talk to his child, bringing up a most familiar relationship as if between Nora and her deceased Father. Torvald restricts Nora’s financial needs as well as her diet, treating her like a doll that is unable to make decisions for herself; he completely ignores her ability to make decisions as an individual. What makes this marriage seem more...
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