Dolls House

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Sometimes in life you feel like you have to run away other times you feel like you have to stay.A Doll’s House at the end of the play Nora and Torvald got into a fight over the events that occurred during the play. Secrets were kept,lies were made and emotions poured. Throughout the fight I am in the middle on whether Nora's should leave. Nora had many things going through her mind through the play. When everything comes out about the stuff she has been hiding the letters the kept secrets and financial situation. Her state of mind changes and she decides to leave. I agree with Noras idea on leaving to a certain extent when times are tough you almost always thinking about giving up or leaving your issues. And Nora was in some hot water. So I agree with her leaving and potentially starting a brand new life. This is her own individual decision to leave. She stood up for what she believed in

Nora did the right thing by leaving. But the way she left was heartbreaking to a reader like me she left behind her young children. This is an act of Immorality. The kids will have to grow up without the mother figure in their life, It could ruin their life dramatically or they could grow from it. But only having one figure in your life we see it in society today. Nora would have stayed for the children and shouldn't have left.

If Nora would have stayed with Torvald you sense as that the people of the community would think it is a disgrace and embarrassment to all the fear of hatred them and their kids would have to live through their whole life. It is a very good thing Nora had left Its almost good for torvald because him and the kids did not commit this crazy act of fraud and crime. But also bad at the same time. Nora left so fast and so unrealistically. She always said she was Torvalds “Doll” And she was sick of It I agree with her decision but some things I disagree with . Nora did this to become happy and have less stress in her life
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