Doll's House and Pygmalion Comparative Essay

Topics: Woman, Marriage, Plays Pages: 4 (1771 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Comparative Essay on the Extreme Transition of Two Powerful Women

Several years ago, men had little respect for women because of their gender. Females were not given the rights they deserve. They were controlled by their fathers, then handed straight over to their husbands. Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House and Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion have occurrences that show similarities between the two female protagonists, Nora Helmer and Eliza Doolittle. Nora and Eliza are comparable in several different ways because both go through experiences with powerful outcomes ultimately transforming their lives throughout the play. From the start both women are young and naïve. Torvald and Mr. Higgins completely controlled and take over both women’s lives by disrespecting them. By the end Nora and Eliza gain courage to stand up for themselves, leave their men and become confident, independent women. Nora Helmer and Eliza Doolittle live very different lives but have similar personalities throughout the entire play. At the beginning of each of the plays both women act young and foolish. Neither of them able to live for themselves and are not intelligent women. Nora is characterized to be childish and under the command of Torvald’s orders. Nora is extremely dependent on him and would not do anything without his permission. If she did, she would be terrified of what will happen. Nora offers Dr. Rank macaroons, only to have him question why they are in the house. “Macaroons? I thought they were forbidden in this house?” “They are. But Kristine gave these to me.” (A Doll’s House, pg 35) Macaroons show her childish tendencies, such as lying about such an unnecessary thing and her desire to sneak unhealthy food when she knows it is not allowed. It also shows Nora’s side where she hides from her husband. When Nora wants to hide the Christmas tree from the children it shows secrecy. She does not want them to see it before it is decorated, which symbolizes between realistic and idealistic....
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