Dokdo, the Korean Territory

Topics: South Korea, Japan, Liancourt Rocks Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Dokdo ("독도" in Korean), also called the Dokdo island, is a group of islands in the East Sea (Sea of Japan). These islands are collectively called Dokdo. The name means a "rock island." Dokdo has been a Korean territory throughout all known history except during the Japanese occupation of Korea between 1905 and 1945. Dokdo is also called Liancourt Rocks after the French whaling ship, Le Liancourt, which rediscovered Dokdo on January 27, 1849. The Japanese name for Dokdo used to be Matsushima (松島) until 1905, at which time it was renamed as Takeshima (竹島) along with a Japanese territorial claim. Dokdo has been under the control of South Korean since August 15, 1948, on which the Korea-based U.S. XXIV Corps transferred Dokdo to the newly born Republic of Korea. The Japanese government challenges Korea's territorial sovereignty over Dokdo. The Japanese government also alleges that Koreans illegally occupy Dokdo because Dokdo belongs to Japan by terra nullius incorporation (incorporation of land owned by nobody) in 1905. In fact, the Japanese government decided to escalate the conflict by teaching their children that Takeshima (Dokdo) is a Japanese territory taken by the Koreans. To support their position, the Japanese government alleges that there is no evidence that Dokdo has historically been controlled by Korea whatsoever! For example, see the contents of the official website of the Foreign Ministry of Japan: The local government of Shimane Prefecture of Japan makes essentially the same claim (See here: In contrast, the South Korean government asserts that Korea has owned Dokdo all along since the beginning of known history. See Surely, one party must be grossly wrong. Who is wrong and who is right?

Takeshima does not exist!"Takeshima" as a new island that was newly discovered in 1905 and incorporated into Japan, has never existed! How...
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